Focus on market needs

We challenge our understanding of classic insurance products and re-invent them to meet the highest of client expectations as well as specific market needs.

As regulations and market demand vary in every country, we focus on niches where we can put forward a strong proposition. Be it specialized bicycle insurance or a financial guarantee for small- and medium-sized freight forwarder fleets, we act as an accessible insurance service provider at the right time and in the right market.

In different countries, Balcia Insurance provides services like movable and immovable property and travel-related insurance, liability and guarantee insurance products, as well as decennial insurance. Please contact our branch offices for further details.


  • Motor insurance (Fleets, Short-term MTPL)
  • Property insurance (Municipalities, Legal entities)
  • Bonds (Compulsory coverage for wind farms)
  • Motor risks insurance (Short-term MTPL)

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  •  Motor risks insurance (Short-term MTPL)

Allgemeine Bedingungen für die Kfz-HaftpflichtVersicherung
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  • Motor risks insurance (MTPL insurance – short term MTPL, border, Green card), Accident insurance for drivers and passengers, Car windshield insurance, Car assistance on the road, Auto CASCO insurance
  • Guarantee insurance (Bid bonds guarantees, Performance bonds guarantees, Warranty bonds guarantees) and Financial commitments of road transport
  • Liability insurance (Mandatory and voluntary civil liability insurance of an entity performing medical activities (e.g. hospitals, Civil liability for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) “Business Package”, Mandatory civil liability insurance in relation to agency tasks (TLP of the Insurance Agent), Mandatory civil liability insurance of property manager)
  • Property insurance package for business owners – “Biznes Pakiet” (Property insurance, Electronic Equipment insurance, TPL insurance, Cargo insurance (goods in domestic transport), Personal accident insurance, Assistance insurance
  • Property insurance package for individuals – “Dom Pakiet” (Property insurance, Liability insurance in private life, Personal accident insurance, Assistance (organization and cover the costs of property repair)
  • Travel insurance (Travel insurance to Russia, Travel insurance to Belarus)

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  • Motor Third Party Liability Insurance (MTPL) for International Road Carriers
  • Motor own damage (CASCO) insurance
  • Travel insurance

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Balcia Insurance offers its products also under the Freedom of Services (FoS) licences in Italy and Spain.


  • Motor risks insurance (Auto CASCO)

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We welcome even the most challenging enquiries and are always prepared to create new and visionary insurance products that perfectly fit the needs of our clients.