Principles we live by

Our reputation has stood the test of time. Being firm in our values is what makes us strong and reliable in an ever-changing world.

We are committed to doing business in a way that benefits our clients, our partners and our stakeholders alike; in a way that drives the insurance industry onwards and upwards; in a way that challenges ourselves and gives back to society.



We aim

to be the watchword for highly reliable and accessible insurance products in European markets.

We understand

the real-life needs of people and appreciate the local specifics of every market we work in.


We create

relevant niche products and adapt flexibly to ever-changing market conditions.

We value

trust above all. For us, 100% reliability is a must because our customers and their families deserve nothing less.


We build

honest long-term relationships with our partners for mutual growth and development. And we treat our team as our most important asset, which it truly is.

We believe

that satisfying our customers, creating opportunities for our partners and bringing value to our shareholders are not distinct. They are integral parts of doing business the right way.


We invest

our expertise, our ingenuity and our energy to tackle current and future challenges of our customers and to create insurance products that suit their lifestyle, their values and their dreams.

We guarantee

that personal and business success of our clients, no matter the scale or country, is in safe hands with us.