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Company Name Changed to Balcia Insurance

Recognised as One of Top 100 Export Brands


The beginning of this month is very special for our company. 1st of November is an important date for us, as on this very day 23 years ago, in 1993, our company was established, and now we are making a step into a new age – 2nd of November is the date when we are officially registering our company’s new name in Latvia.

We are happy to announce that the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia has registered the new company name Balcia Insurance SE on 2nd of November, 2016.

Balcia Insurance will continue to develop its activities in Europe, we already have branch offices in France, Germany, Poland and the UK, as well as we operate under EU’s Freedom of Services (FoS) principles in Italy and Spain, while our headquarters remain in Riga.

The legal liability, the licences, the registration number, the address, the contacts, and bank details will remain the same, and as for insurance policies for clients and contracts with partners signed under BTA Insurance Company SE name – nothing changes, they are fully in force.

There is going to be a transition period, during which preparing documents and informing the respective supervising authorities will be officially completed in the countries we operate in. It will take time to receive all the necessary permits and confirmations from the local institutions, and after that we will present our new visual identity, announce new websites and inform about new email addresses. Our partners and clients will be informed about the changes according to each country’s regulations.


The company brand transformation to Balcia by Balcia Insurance SE.

Information prepared by Balcia Marketing